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It's All About You. 

Our goal at Bloomth is to help you live better by connecting your monthly cycle and wellness goals to what and when you eat and the activities you do. We do that through our drug-free personalized health recommendations and coaching that we tailor specifically to YOU. 

Our approach is unique - everything you see in our app is customized only to YOUR wellness needs. 

We are talking about the following kinds of recommendations:

  • Lifestyle recommendations 

  • Educational articles and activity recommendations in the Wellness section 

  • Meal rules and recipes in the Food Plan section

There are four levels of personalization you will see in our app:

  • For the current wellness goals

  • For the current cycle stage

  • For your food preferences

  • For your allergies and food sensitivities

For example:

  • If you are currently in the Period stage of your cycle and want to focus on headaches, anxiety and fatigue, the Lifestyle Tips in the Today section and the recipes in the Food Plan section will only reflect our guidance for these specific symptoms for the Period stage. Should you want to switch your focus to sleep instead of headaches in the Profile section, our advice and recipes will update automatically to reflect your preferences

  •  The same will happen while you progress throughout your monthly cycle. Every bit of our counseling will update automatically to reflect your transition from the Period stage to the Pre-Ovulation stage, and so on

  • We will be recommending to you only certain types of food for every stage of your monthly cycle and the primary symptom you are currently focusing on. Food Plan section of the app will only reflect the recipes that we think will suit your current cycle stage and wellness goals

  • We will not recommend a high-intensity interval training if you are currently in the Period stage of your cycle. We'll be advising you a relaxing yoga and a gratitude meditation instead

  • You will not be advised a Grilled Fish recipe in your Food Plan if you are a vegetarian

  • We will not suggest a pecan pie if you are allergic to tree nuts

We understand that your wellness goals, food preferences and allergies may change with time. You can update all of them in the Profile section of the app at any time. Every change you make there and also in your Period Log will automagically update our recommendations throughout the app so we could help you live a more joyful life.

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