We Care About Your Wellbeing. 

Hello, gorgeous! Let us introduce ourselves - we are team Bloomth. Bloomth is a female health clinic in Toronto that has been helping women for over five years with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

After seeing and helping hundreds of women, we understand how it feels to know that the primary healthcare system is failing us. Women have physiology uniquely different from men which heavily depends upon our monthly cycle. Yet despite this key difference, the industry still treats women like smaller versions of men.  That is wrong. Most of the treatment we receive is just more pills or surgeries - an ineffective approach. From our real-life clinic experience, we know that our first line of defense is a whole-body approach to health. We've achieved extraordinary results in our clinic helping women live more joyful lives and now have decided to bring our knowledge to you and many more women around the world.



Jana & Olea 

Jana is a loving mom and our chief scientist. She holds two Master of Science degrees in Biophysics and Biochemistry from the University of Toronto. Jana has more than 20 years of experience in scientific medical research, including the Hospital for SickKids in Toronto.

Olea is a happy mother of three and our chief marketer. She has more than 20 years of experience in consumer marketing and design.