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Bring out the best in your 
gender diverse workforce 

Bloomth empowers your diverse workforce to care for their minds and bodies - at work, at home, and all the moments in between

Better female care can't wait

65% of working-age women rate personal wellbeing and workplace benefits that support their physical and mental needs as "Very Important" (Gallup)

Unlock your team’s full potential

Bloomth empowers organizations with quality, accessible, inclusive care for their female employees and enables meaningful business outcomes for their organizations. We help you attract, retain and feel your top talent like they belong


Up to

Improved or resolved stress and anxiety related symptoms


Up to

Improved or resolved PMS related symptoms


Up to

Improved ot resolved sleep related issues

What Our Members Say

"Fantastic app that really helps me stay on track and educates me on my wellness journey! The app helped me with my headaches and low energy. I'm back on track!"

Deena L.,
Los Angeles

"There are so many health issues that women experience as they progress through their lives. The app can really help in navigating some of the new experiences I’m having in a natural, personalized way."

Gabby S.,


"Super easy to use and helps me track my mood, period and symptoms. The app is sooo good. It helps me improve my PMS symptoms."

Oliva H.,


Support for everybody and every body

Your team will have complete access to the Bloomth app — including personalized wellness programs, hundreds of recipes, exercises, meditations, community and more to help your diverse female workforce manage their physical and mental health anytime


How  We Help Our Members

Access to a robust library of personalized content such as articles, exercises, recipes and meditations to build healthy self-care habits, developed by our therapists.

Self-guided Care

Community of women from around the world supporting each other with a safe space to heal, share, and connect with others.

Community Support

One-on-one chat with coaches who are dedicated to helping acheve wellness outcomes. They specialize in nutrition, female wellness and healthy habits.

Access to Coaches

Bring Bloomth to your organization and watch your workforce thrive

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